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    Blockchain consulting

    We have been working with blockchain development for a long time, and we have experience in a variety of technologies. We will select the best strategy for you to implement blockchain technologies in your business and make sure that you get the best possible result.

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    NFT Offering

    We have experience creating NFT tokens that reflect works of art, and are a symbol of ownership of digital works of art. We prepare smart contracts in accordance with existing ERC721 standards or similar, which makes NFT tokens available for trading on global platforms.

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    Smart contracts

    The basis of blockchain development is smart contracts. Our team develops smart contracts that are stored and executed in a blockchain and perform certain tasks for your business. The smart contract allows you to perform calculations and conduct transactions securely and transparently. Also, with smart contract you can create your own type of cryptocurrency, which will have value supported by your business processes.

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    STO (security token offering)

    STO is a digitization of a company's assets, such as a company's stock, or any other products produced by a company. The company's assets can be used to attract investment. When starting a STO with us, you will get an effective solution for the growth of your business. We know how to develop a platform to attract investment in your business. STO is a powerful tool for quickly attracting investors from around the world.

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    Blockchain lockchain set up and development

    We work with several popular blockchains, such as Ethereum and OnFlow. We develop smart contracts in the ERC20 standard, a well-known standard for issuing tokens as your own cryptocurrency. To digitize unique assets such as works of art, we use the ERC721 standard, which is supported by popular non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplaces and allows you to easily sell your unique works.

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    NFT marketplaces

    We are currently seeing a rapid rise in the popularity of NFT in the Art of War. We have experience in developing marketplaces for the creating and trading of NFT tokens.

    This kind of platform allows you to automate the process of creating NFT tokens for artists, without writing code or immersing yourself in technical nuances.

Software development

Software development

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    We develop UX which is easy to use, test and make adjustments to. We develop an intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface, in a modern style, create unique graphical elements that makes your site outstanding. We can also assist you developing logos, corporate identity design and accompanying materials.

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    Digital transformation

    We will introduce technological solutions for process automation in your business.

    Working with our team, you will receive software that will take your business to a new level.

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    Platform development

    We can develop a comprehensive solution for your business, that will automate business processes and focus on strategic development. To develop such a solution, we use cloud technologies which allow you to quickly scale the solution to the desired load. We use modern popular frameworks and programming languages, that makes the development and maintenance of the project easy.

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    Asset tokenization

    We will develop a solution for you that will attract investment in your business.

    We carry out a set of works to create an automated platform and blockchain integration.

    We will assist you developing a strategy, to bring your digital assets to the market.

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